How You Can Clear Facebook Cache

Every app that you install on your iPhone uses something known as “cache” files. These are basically files in which the iOS app was created to speed up the functionality of the app. As you might have guessed, if you frequently use the Facebook app then a lot of these cache files will be created, and your storage will be significantly impacted. If you see the dreaded “Storage Almost Full” notification or your iPhone is running slow, you may have to clear Facebook cache.

It sounds difficult, but it’s not. Any app that you frequently use will also have large cache storage. Thus, clearing each cache frequently is worth doing to retain free storage.

Part 1. iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner – What is it?

There are plenty of different ways to clear Facebook cache although the most efficient solution is to use iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner. This tool is designed specifically for clearing iOS cache data and can be used for any app. Aside from clearing app data, it’s great for managing any iOS device’s storage and removing temporary and junk files. All of these features enhance your device’s storage and performance.

Other solutions will lead to your personal data being lost. For example, uninstalling the Facebook app will clear the app’s cache, but it also clears messages that are stored on your iPhone. It goes without saying that this is far from ideal – we want to keep the personal data. Thus, we feel that the iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner is the best solution.

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iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner’s 5 Modes

Now that you know about iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner, it’s time to learn about the different modes. Each mode can be used for specific reasons. To give you a better understanding of each mode, here are brief explanations about each of them.

1-Click Free Up Space.

1-Click Free Up Space will remove unneeded temporary files, junk files, and large files. This feature is great for quickly clearing up the device’s storage and speeding up the device’s performance. You can select the large files that you want to be removed, export photos and have them removed from the device, or uninstall multiple apps simultaneously. It can clear cache on iPad & clear Instagram cache & history as well.

Erase All Data.

Factory resetting an iOS device isn’t enough. Your personal data can still be recovered, and as such, a third-party tool is needed. This mode permanently erases all of the data on your device so that it is beyond recovery. Learn more about how to clears your iPhone data.

Erase Deleted Files.

After deleting an app or a specific file from an iOS device, it can still be recovered. This means that deleted files continue to fill your storage. iMyFone Phone Cache Cleaner digs deep into your storage and removes these deleted files.

Erase Private Data.

Worried about personal data such as photos, text messages, or WhatsApp data being recovered? Using this mode will erase your private data so that it won’t be at risk. It can delete snapchat messages, delete WeChat account permanently &  Delete settings & personal data on your iPhone.

Erase Private Fragments.

This mode can be used specifically for the Facebook cache. It allows you to scan an app and deleted random data fragments which have no use and can be erased with ease.

Each mode can be useful in different situations. In this case, where we want to clear Facebook cache, using “Erase Private Fragments” is the ideal option. This is the mode that we’re going to be focussing on.

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Part 2. Clear Facebook Cache with iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner

Using one of the modes above will allow you to erase Facebook cache permanently. Not only will this clear a lot of storage for you, but it also leads to a noticeable performance boost. Follow our guide below, and you’ll quickly learn how to clear this useless Facebook data.

#1 – Download and install iMyFone Umate Pro on your PC or Mac.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

#2 – Launch the tool and connect your iPhone using a lightning cable.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Connect iOS Devices

#3 – Select the “Erase Private Fragments” feature from the left panel menu.

#4 – Click the “Scan” button to continue and from the menu that is shown, choose “Facebook” followed by clicking on “Erase Now“.

#5 – Type “delete” into the entry box and choose a “Security Level“. Read each level’s description and make a decision accordingly. Click “Erase Now” to proceed.

Clear Facebook Cache Using Umate Pro

Note: it is incredibly important that you don’t disconnect your iPhone for any reason whatsoever during the erase. If you do, important data may be deleted instead.

#6 – The data erasing process shouldn’t take that long. If a storage warning appears on your iPhone, then don’t worry, simply tap on “Done“.

#7 – After the scan has concluded, your Facebook cache will be empty.

And just like that the Facebook app’s cache is empty, your iPhone’s performance will improve, and you won’t be getting those “Storage Almost Full” notifications anytime soon.

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Part 3. Other Possible Ways to Clear Facebook Cache

We highly recommend that you try using the iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner. It has proven to be very efficient at erasing data and is very easy to get the hang of. However, we understand that some people might not want to use it. As such, here are some alternative ways to clear the Facebook app’s cache (how to hack Facebook online).

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1. Using Facebook App to Clear Cache.

Facebook’s app actually includes a clear cache feature. Of course, it isn’t easy to find unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Clear Facebook Cache with Facebook App
  • #1 – Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  • #2 – Tap on the menu icon at the bottom-right (three vertical lines).
  • #3 – Swipe down and tap on “Settings & Privacy” and then on “Settings”.
  • #4 – Under the “Media and contacts” heading, tap “Browser”.
  • #5 – Lastly, tap on “Clear Data” and all of the browsing data will be removed.

These steps are a bit tedious which is why we recommend using another solution. Also, this will only clear a fraction of the Facebook cache.

2. Using the Settings App to Clear Cache.

Although not as effective as iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner, you can clear Facebook’s cache through the Settings application.

  • #1 – Unlock your iPhone and open the “Settings” app.
  • #2 – Tap on “General” followed by “Usage > Manage Storage”.
  • #3 – Scroll through the list of installed apps and locate Facebook.
  • #4 – Select the Facebook app and tap on the red “Delete App” option.

This will delete the Facebook app from your iPhone. However, unlike a regular app uninstallation, this also deletes the app data with it.

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Part 4. How Often Should I Clear Facebook Cache?

Assuming that you’re a regular Facebook user, you should be clearing the cache about once a month. If you only use the app occasionally, every other month is fine.

If possible then clear the app’s cache every two weeks to maintain an ideal performance level and prevent the device’s storage from filling up too much.

Part 5. Why Do I Need to Clear Facebook Cache?

Similar to when you browse the internet on your computer, iOS apps store data. This data is used to remember your preferences and activity. With the data that is collected the app is able to load certain features and content faster. In hindsight this is fantastic, but it also leads to extensive storage usage.

After a few weeks of using Facebook on your iPhone take a look at your storage. You’ll see that the cached storage has likely reached over 1GB. On a modern computer, this isn’t a lot, but to an iPhone, this is a big percentage of data. So, the main reasons for clearing cache are to prevent it from becoming too large as well as keeping the device performing as best as possible.

Important! If you’re on edge about clearing the app’s cache because you think it will slow it down, don’t worry. Even though cached data is intended to speed up certain aspects of an app, too much-cached data will lead to the app slowing down as well as your device.

To Conclude

Now that we’ve told you everything you need to know about cached data, you can clear Facebook cache. iPhones are notorious for their limited storage and even though every iOS app stores cached files on your device, Facebook stores significantly more. iMyFone iPhone Cache Cleaner is one of the most effective programs for clearing data from your iPhone. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to use, it also includes numerous features that iTunes doesn’t. Nonetheless, each solution that we detailed in this article will help you to clear the Facebook app’s cache, and we hope that one of them help to decrease Facebook’s storage consumption.

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