How to Clear Cache Cookies and History on Android Phone with Ease

After buying the Android phone, you may need to maintain it to keep it performs as well as the possible. The most common and convenient way to maintain it is to clear the unwanted data from it. You can clear the cache cookies, history, junk files on your Android phone. By doing this, the Android phone will continue to offer you the best user experience.

For many years, I have been using the dr.fone – Erase to help me clear those unwanted files. The dr.fone is a wonderful tool, which can solve all the problems due to the unwanted files with simple clicks. At first, I used the iPhone, and now I own another Android phone. The dr.fone is compatible with both of my phones. In fact, this tool supports the Android phones running with Android 2.1 to Android 7.0 (dr.fone – Android Erase), and the iPhones with iOS 6.1.6 and later (dr.fone – iOS Erase). I download it on my Windows computer, but it also offers a version for the Mac computer.

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The main features of this tool are as follows:

  • 1. It can scan for the junk files on the phones.
  • 2. It can clear all kinds of unwanted files with ease, such as cache, cookies, history, etc..
  • 3. It can remove the data permanently so that no one can recover it.
  • 4. It helps its users to improve the performance of their phones.

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3 Tools for You to Clear Cache Cookies and History on Android Phone

Well, there are also other third-party tools which can help the users clear the junk files. You can see them in the following passages.

Here are some popular browsers on Android phones recently, which can help you clear the junk files produced by themselves.

Tool 1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a well-known browser in the world. It offers the versions for not only the computer but also the mobile phones. If you use the Google Chrome on your Android phone, you can clear the cache cookies and history like this:

Step 1. On your Android phone, run the Google Chrome. And then find the “Settings” app and click on it to enter into it.

Step 2. Then tap on the “Privacy” option. And now, you can easily see the button of “Clear Browsing Data”.


Step 3. After clicking on the said button, you can start to choose the items that you want to clear, including the Cache, Cookies, Browsing History, and so on.


Step 4. Finally, click on the “Clear” button.

Tool 2. Firefox

The Firefox has released its mobile version after the success of the computer version. It is popular because many users find it easy to use with its simple interface. To clear the cache cookies and history from it, you can follow this tutorial:
Step 1. On your Android phone, launch Firefox. And then go to the “Settings” option.
Step 2. And to the “Privacy” option and choose to “Clear Now”.
Step 3. And then choose all the file types that you don’t want any more. And then click on the “Clear Data” button.


Tool 3. Opera Mini

The Opera Mini is now famous for its excellent features in managing its data. If you want to use it on your Android phone, it is better to know the way to clear the junk files from it:

Step 1. Open the Opera Mini. And tap on the home icon and go to the settings option.

Step 2. Find and click on the “Privacy” option.


Step 3. There are several different options for choosing: Clear Cookies, Clear Passwords, and Clear History. Just select the items that you want to clear. And the start the removing process.


Here are some popular removers on the Android phones recently, which can help you clear the unwanted files more than the cache and history.

Tool 1. History Eraser-Privacy Clean

This is a professional tool for freeing up the storage space on your Android phone as well as protecting your personal information. It is a free but multi-functional tool, which can remove all kinds of cache cookies and history from all the apps.



  • 1. It offers a friendly interface.
  • 2. It is freeware.
  • 3. You can clear all the cookies and history from all the apps on your Android phone.


  • 1. It can not clear other unwanted files.

Tool 2. Clean Master

This is a comprehensive app, which deals with not only the cookies but also other files like the application data and the private data. And its interface is intuitive, which makes you feel easy to use this tool.



  • 1. It can clear more than the cache and history.
  • 2. The interface is user-friendly.
  • 3. It is a power-saving.


  • 1. There are too many ads when using this tool.

Tool 3. 1Tap Cleaner

This tool provides its users with many useful functions, including Default Cleaner, History Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, Call and Text logs Cleaner. With the help of it, you can make sure that most of your personal data are well protected. Because the interface of it is simple, you do not need to worry about the detailed operations.



  • 1. It offers many nice functions.
  • 2. You can use it to clear the unwanted files on your SD card.
  • 3. It enables the users to manage easier.


  • 1. Ads will pop up, which can be troublesome.

Now, after seeing so many nice tools for clearing the personal data from the Android phone, have you find the one you like? If there is anyone interesting. And by the way, the dr.fone also offers a free trial version for those who are considering downloading it. I believe you use this amazing tool; you will love it. And you can find more useful functions of it after trying.


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