How to Change / Fake iPhone GPS Location Without Jailbreak?

So, there can be various reasons why you like to fake an iPhone GPS location without jailbreak.

Sometimes, modifying the Apple ID region or country is not sufficient. So, how can you change your iPhone location without jailbreak?

Well, many users still consider this task a technically intensive process. However, it is not anymore today.

Learn about different methods to change iPhone location without jailbreak here!

Reasons Why Users Like to Fake iPhone GPS location Without Jailbreak

At first, the concept of changing the iPhone location may look absurd to most users. This is usually because the common usage of GPS helps in looking for directions to new places or weather updates.

However, there can be various scenarios where you may like to change your iPhone location without jailbreak. Have a quick look at the following scenarios:

1. Prevent Location Sharing on Social Media Platforms

Many social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook and dating applications like Tinder want to know about your exact GPS location.

Faking the GPS location of your iPhone may help in avoiding overwhelmed marketing campaigns and in gaining possible matches from new places in terms of dating.

2. Enjoy More Features in Location-Based Games

Today, the most widely used and renowned location-based game is Pokemon Go. This game needs you to move to various areas for collecting a diverse range of Pokemon.

So, by spoofing the GPS location of your iPhone, you can trick Pokemon Go into that you just finished the journey to a specific location already. As a result, you can avail yourself of various Pokemon types.

3. Improve GPS Motionson the Real Location

If the signals of GPS in your region are not very strong, then faking the iPhone location can help you in setting your current location. Hence, it makes it simpler to discover you!

Now, we know the scenarios where users like to spoof the GPS location. Here, we are now going to talk about some of the easiest methods to change iPhone location without jailbreak hassle-free.

Also, let’s figure out how do you know if someone turned off their location on your iPhone and what to do when location sharing is not working.

Change iPhone Location Without Jailbreak via Tenorshare iAnyGo

As we all know, it’s not easy to break iPhone, but don’t worry, there still are some tools that can help spoof the iPhone for us.

Tenorshare iAnyGo is one such software to help change iPhone location without jailbreak effortlessly, which we can count on. Here are simple steps to spoof your iPhone location via iAnyGo you can follow up.

Step 1. First, please download iAnyGo on your computer and then select ‘Change Location’, now, you should connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. After the screen loading ends, you can use the maps to find your desired location or type it in the search box.

Step 3. Now, please click on the ‘Start to Modify’ button. That’s it. Your iPhone location has been changed already.

Change iPhone Location Without Jailbreak Using iToolab AnyGo

It is quite difficult to change the iPhone location due to the complexity and high security of the Apple system (how to fake GPS on Tinder). This becomes easier when you use a third-party tool, such as iToolab AnyGo.

This is the most straightforward and easiest method to fake an iPhone GPS location without jailbreak. Also, no matter which iOS version you use, AnyGo can support your iPad or iPhone.

The best thing about this amazing tool is that it works on the recent iOS 15. It lets you change your iPhone location without jailbreak hassle-free.

Key Features of iToolab AnyGo:

  • Fake iPhone GPS Location Without Jailbreak: The tool tricks applications that need GPS location. It can Spoof Pokemon Go on Bluestacks. Such applications will believe that you are at the location that you assign using AnyGo. Plus, you do not need to think about jailbreaking your device or installing dubious packages.
  • Simulate Movements With Customized Pace: If you play games that require walking, such as Pokemon Go, then plan the movement by setting up your moving speed, which means that you do not have to step outside to walk for hatching Pokemon Go eggs.

Steps to Change iPhone Location Without Jailbreak Using the AnyGo tool:

1: Firstly, download iToolab AnyGo on your computer. Install and launch the program. After that, connect your iPhone to the system and unlock the same.

2: After the map on iToolab loads, tap on the icon ‘Teleport’ present on the right side.

3: Now, type wherever you like to set your device’s location. Or, users can even select a destination just by zooming out or in the map app.

4: Next, you have to click on ‘Go’. Now, your GPS will be changed to the set location instantaneously.

change iPhone location without jailbreak Using iToolab AnyGo

For verifying that you have successfully changed the GPS area on your iPhone, open the Apple Maps application. Now, you will see that the blue dot is on the location you chose in the AnyGo tool.

Using iToolab AnyGo, it is quite easy to fake iPhone GPS locations without jailbreak. In addition, you can even share the virtual GPS position with your family members and friends on located-based applications. Try this amazing tool right now!

Besides, let’s figure out how do you know if someone turned off their location on your iPhone and what to do when location sharing is not working.

Fake iPhone GPS Location Without Jailbreak Using iSpooker

iSpoofer is another amazing third-party application, which is designed especially for spoofing the GPS location. With iSpoofer, you can set your location in any part of the world.

Now, let’s see how you can change your iPhone location without jailbreak using iSpooker.

Steps to Alter Your Location Using iSpooker:

To fake your GPS position on iOS devices, go through the following instructions.

1: Initially, you have to download iSpoofer. Install it on your system. It works on both Windows and Mac.

2: Now, unlock your device and connect it to the system through a USB cable.

3: After that, open iSpoofer on the computer. The program will detect your iOS device immediately.

4: Choose the option ‘Spoof’ from there. This will redirect the user to the map interface automatically.

How to Change iPhone GPS Location With iSpoofer

5: Now, you need to look for a particular location. Choose the tab ‘Move’, and your position will be set to the selected location. This is going to replicate across all the installed applications.

Please note that the map navigation tab features two modes, namely ‘Pin’ and ‘Move’. The ‘Move’ option employs the joystick control. On the other hand, ‘Pin’ enables users to monitor a route through pins.

Also, users can simply go back to the original GPS position by closing this map. Now, choose the option ‘Back to Normal’ for performing this action.

Change iPhone Location Without Jailbreak Using iTools

iTools is another tool that lets you spoof the GPS location of your iPhone. This tool is a product of ThinkSky.

One thing that makes it amazing is that it’s free to use for a day. Also, the tool works perfectly with iOS version 15 and earlier versions.

Steps to Fake iPhone GPS Location Without Jailbreak Using iTools:

Check out the steps below for changing your GPS location through iTools:

1: In the first place, download iTools and install it on the system. It works on both Windows and Mac systems.

2: Now, unlock your device and then connect your device to the system.

3: Open iTools and choose the ‘Free Trial’ option.

4: Visit the ‘Toolbox’ tab and choose ‘Virtual Location’ from there.

5: Now, enter your desired area into the field given in its map interface. Once entered, press the ‘Enter‘ tab.

6: Choose ‘Move here’ for teleporting your device to the set GPS location.

So, this is how you can spoof your device’s GPS location with this tool. This spoof location remains intact even when you exit this application. In order to go back to your original location, you have to choose the ‘Stop Simulation’ option.

Fake iPhone GPS Location Without Jailbreak Using iBackupBot

iBackupBot lets you back up your device’s data. Plus, this third-party program enables users to make modifications to their backed-up data.

The program works perfectly well with both Windows and Mac computers. Plus, it is available for free!

Steps to Change iPhone Location Without Jailbreak Using iBackupBot:

For spoofing your GPS location, follow some simple steps given below.

1: Firstly, connect your iOS device to the system through USB. After that, open iTunes on your computer.

2: Tap on the icon ‘iPhone’ for launching more options. Ensure that the checkbox against ‘Encrypt iPhone’ is unmarked. Now, select ‘Back Up Now’.

3: Now, get iBackupBot and install it on your system.

4: After backing up all the device’s data, stop iTunes. Now, open iBackupBot, and all of your files will be backed up there.

5: Next, choose the plist file of Apple Maps by going through any path listed below:

  1. Preferences < Library < HomeDomain < System Files
  2. Preferences < Library < < User App Files

6: Next, look for a data block that says the “dict” tag. Under this tag, put in the following phrases:



7: Now, store and close the iBackupBot app.

8: Next, follow the below-mentioned path from Settings. After that, disable the feature ‘Find My iPhone’.

Settings < Apple ID < iCloud < Find My Phone

9: Now, you need to reconnect iTunes and choose the ‘Restore Backup’ tab.

10: Open Apple Maps. Navigate to the desired location for simulating. Your GPS location will be teleported to that specific location.

Please remember that this process might not work necessarily for all the other applications on your iOS device.

Fake iPhone Location Without Jailbreak By Editing A Plist File

To change iPhone location without jailbreak, editing a plist file works. However, it works only on the earlier iOS versions. Plus, it is a complicated process. Follow the steps below to spoof your GPS location:

1: Initially, get and install the 3utools app on your Windows PC.

2: Now, connect the device to the PC through USB.

3: Next, launch the program. It will detect your iPhone immediately.

4: Choose ‘Backup/Restore’ to back up the data from ‘iDevice’.

5: After that, open the latest backup in the ‘Backup Management’ tab. To open this, click on ‘AppDocument‘, then ‘‘, then ‘Library‘, and lastly ‘Preferences‘. 

6: Now, double-tap on the ‘‘ file.

7: Enter the following lines before “/dict“:

8: Store this plist file. Then, open ‘Backup Management’ again. Disable the feature ‘Find my iPhone’ and restore the latest backup. To do this, visit ‘Settings’, ‘Apple ID’, and then ‘iCloud’. After that, select ‘Find My Phone’.

9: Once done, unplug the device and visit ‘Apple Maps’. Now, simulate the desired location.

Now, you will see your spoof location on Apple Maps and other location-based applications. However, remember that you need iTunes on your system to make this method work.


Find here a comparison chart that gives a summary of all the methods for spoofing the GPS location on iOS devices without jailbreak.

Different MethodsiToolab AnyGoiSpooferiToolsiBackupBotiAnyGoA Plist File
User Ratings97.576.58.55
Steps Involved (Usability)4561039
Time Taken3
10 minutes10 minutes40
45 minutes
CompatibilityiOS 16 and earlieriOS 13 and earlieriOS 16 and earlieriOS 13 and earlieriOS 16 and earlieriOS 10 and earlier

So, these are some different ways to fake an iPhone GPS location without jailbreak. Some ways are complicated, whereas some are easy.

It is quite complicated to change iPhone location without jailbreak using Xcode, iBackupBot, and the plist file.

Spoofing your location using AnyGo or iAnyGo is pretty easy and simple. Now, download its free trial for changing your GPS location hassle-free.



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