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Are you a parent who is concerned about your child’s online activities? If yes, you might have seen the Bark parental control app.

Well, Bark is a popular app that has gained considerable attention as a parental control tool. It can track pretty much all the types of threats that come online.

For instance, Bark can monitor social media apps, text, and other online communication methods. Bark Parental Control is known for its user-friendliness.

Moreover, it is affordable compared to many other apps of its kind. In our Bark reviews, we also intend to explain more about this app and its alternatives.

bark parental control reviews

A Quick Introduction to Bark Parental Control app

Basically, Bark is a feature-rich parental control app that can protect your kids from various online threats.

In other words, the Bark Parental Control app allows you to monitor what your kids do in cyberspace.

With the assistance of this software, you can closely analyze substance misuse, inbound and outbound messages, etc.

Also, it allows you to monitor acts like bullying, sexting, the depressive behavior of the child, etc. It will notify you whenever the Bark app monitors flagged content like images, photos, text, etc.

Then, it can send you notifications as well. In addition, Bark can suggest more preventive online activities for your child to engage in.

In addition, let’s discover the complexities of Qustodio vs. Bark in our in-depth comparison. Make an informed decision for your child’s online protection.

A Comprehensive Insight

After downloading the application and configuring your account, you can see a link to the client app. This link is directed to the app installed on the kid’s account. You should enter the child’s name and birth year to proceed.

Then, as the next step, you will be directed to the Bark Parental Control app dashboard. To start monitoring and tracking your kid’s device, the username must be entered. It should be done either by you or your kid.

In addition, you will have to enter the passwords associated with every social media account the kid uses. After linking the account, you will be able to monitor it through their dashboard.

If Bark detects a threat or any other issue, you will be notified through a message. It can be sent as an email to the device on which you have installed the app.

As a result, you can see the content shared through the target device. Moreover, it will give you a detailed description of the exchanged files.

For instance, it displays the date and time of the respective files. To make it a more comprehensive experience, this app can categorize content based on various aspects.

For instance, it categorizes files under sexually explicit content, cyberbullying, profanity, and many other tags.

Features of Bark App and Its Limitations

In this section of our Bark Reviews, we will explain the most notable features of the Bark app.

● Identifying the Potentially Risky Behaviors of the Kids

It goes without saying that identifying the risky behavior of your kids is the most important feature of Bark.

Thanks to the advanced AI functionality of the Bark Parental Control app, it can monitor risky behaviors effectively.

With this app, you can learn if the kids are planning something not appropriate. Also, you can get to know about their harmful thoughts, such as suicidal attempts.

In addition, Bark can keep track of the kids’ text messages. This is a great opportunity for parents to know if they are involved in sexting.

Also, monitoring text messages allows you to keep track of pretty much all the plans they might have.

● Monitoring Their Social Media Activities

By using Bark, parents can keep track of their kids’ social media activities. For instance, you can closely track their Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts and learn their behavior.

● Monitoring Text Messages

The bark app is developed to work effectively and easily on Android and iOS platforms.

As a result, you can install the app on both types of devices to monitor various activities. It allows you to track text messages, multimedia content like videos and images and alerts about other interactions.

Bark can be used to track the actions related to email IDs on the target user. With such an approach, you can monitor all the inbound and outbound emails on the target device.

● 24/7 Monitoring

Bark can track all the target user’s online activities throughout the day. You can track online predators, explicit content, cyberbullying, and any other harmful aspects of your kid.

● Alerts for Parents

The parent will receive an automatic alert whenever there is risky behavior or harmful action.

● User Experience

Thanks to its friendly user interface, even a novice user can use Bark without any complications.

What Are the Limitations Associated with the Bark Parental Control App?

Apart from the benefits and positive features mentioned above, this software has various limitations.

In this section of our Bark Reviews, we intend to explain the limitations of the Bark Parental Control app.

● Lack of Personalization

One of the most significant drawbacks associated with the Bark Parental Control app is its lack of personalization. In our Bark reviews, we should say that this app can monitor only severe profanity.

Even if it is equipped with a profanity filter, turning it off is the only tweak you can do. So, you can either track all the acts or nothing at all. It doesn’t give you the option of configuring the filter.

Because of this aspect, the monitoring process can be pretty daunting for the parent.

● It Doesn’t Feature a Time Limit for Kids

Another significant drawback associated with the Bark app is that it doesn’t come with a usage limitation.

In other words, Bark doesn’t allow you to limit the usage of your kid’s phone. So, if you are looking for an app that restricts smartphone usage, Bark isn’t the solution.

● Complex Terms for Using the Trial Package

It is true that Bark offers a trial period. However, there is confusion about their trial period. If you choose to use their trial version first, you can see it on their dashboard. On that, you will see the remaining number of days of the trial period.

Annoyingly, Bark asks for your credit card information, even if you choose to use the trial version. Making the situation more complex, Bark doesn’t offer a clear and straightforward process to cancel the trial period.

In addition to that, it doesn’t provide any information related to the subscription options. As a result, you will not know if the subscription is canceled automatically or if will they charge you.

Well, you can take a look at all the aspects mentioned in our Bark reviews and assess their usability. As we honestly believe, the limitations of the Bark Parental Control app encourage you to find an alternative app.

If you are a worried parent who wants to know everything about your child, you should monitor them closely. In particular, their mobile devices should be monitored to unearth their true behavior in your absence.

You cannot be so sure about what your kids are doing in your absence. The most important thing is that there is no shortage of individuals to put your kids in trouble. They can harass your kids, blackmail them, or do cyberbullying.

In addition to that, excessive usage of smartphones and the internet will distract them from studying. So, you need a parental control app that can monitor every harmful action your kids do online. In this case, you should find an app that doesn’t have restrictions.

As you already know, the Bark app has some limitations (which we have mentioned above). So, the alternative you are looking for should be better than Bark. This is when a comprehensive app like FamiSafe comes to play.

FamiSafe is considered to be one of the most powerful and comprehensive apps to monitor their kids’ online activities. FamiSafe comes with exceptional reliability and safety. Moreover, it can monitor your kids throughout the day without any trouble.

Why is Famisafe a Superb Parental Control App?

FamiSafe is considered to be a very user-friendly app that comes with plenty of features. It is associated with GPS tracking, browsing history, tracking messages, monitoring social media, etc.

Considering all those aspects, we can rate FamiSafe to be one of the best parental control apps. It can even block some of the apps, depending on your requirements.

bark parental control alternative - Famisafe

Features of FamiSafe

  • Filtering web addresses
  • Tracking of location and geo-fencing feature
  • app blocking
  • Creating activity reports on the app-based activities
  • applying screen time limits and screen time scheduling
  • Detection of explicit content and suspicious content

Well, as you can see, FamiSafe is an exceptionally efficient alternative to the Bark Parental Control app. In our Bark reviews, we should say that FamiSafe is a superb tool to protect your kids.

Interestingly, FamiSafe allows you to use about 90% of the features, even if you use its trial version. So, you can consider FamiSafe to be one of the best alternatives to protect your kids from online threats.


In our Bark reviews, we discussed Bark’s features and its usability. Since it has some drawbacks as a parental control app, we explained an alternative called FamiSafe.

When compared to Bark Parental Control app, FamiSafe is an advanced and feature-rich option. If you are concerned about your kid’s online safety, FamiSafe is the best option.


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