Auto-Forward Review & Its Best Alternative in 2022

We are here with this Auto-Forward review to help all those looking for reliable solutions to help them with their monitoring requirements.

Tracking phones have become a necessity as well as a choice to get rid of certain situations and to help people for the same; many such spy apps have come into the market.

Auto-Forward is one such great app that can help you, but if it doesn’t, then there are alternatives to look for too.

#1 – The Operation Method


The app gathers data as requested and displays it on the user’s account without leaving any trace on the target device. Full secrecy is maintained during this process, and it is carried out flawlessly.

To operate the app, you need to have a valid account, an active subscription plan, and the app downloaded on the device.

It would take only minutes for the app to get installed on the target device, and after that, you will have access to all the data and activities being done by the user.

The best part of this app is that it runs in the background without any loopholes created. It is very hard or rather impossible to detect its existence on any device.

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#2 – Purpose

This app can help a lot of people with their monitoring needs for different purposes, as we found while doing the Auto-Forward review.

Parents can use it to keep a close eye on their children’s activities to know what are they indulging in. All the information on the child’s phone, like calls, texts, and location, can be known.

The second type of help that the app gives is to the people who want to spy on their partners in the wake of them behaving suspiciously. You can find out the wrong by sneaking into their phone and taking the right action thereby.

Lastly, the businesses can also track the employees’ activities so that there isn’t any misuse of the data and resources being provided. All the system activities can be tracked by the employers and curb any counterproductive event.

#3 – Primary Features

Check these out.

Monitor Online Activities

This includes tracking the browser history as well as blocking unwanted sites. Even deleted searches and URLs can be accessed with this app.

This can help you know the browsing pattern of the target without any restriction and take the required action on time.

Track Calls

It is usually difficult to track phone calls, but this app can let you gain access to the full call log and see all the details related to the calls made like nature, duration, timestamp, deleted, etc.

View and Block Contacts

All the contacts stored in the device can be seen with this app on its dashboard. Even the format of the contacts would be the same, and all details would be visible. You can even block the contacts.

Check the Messages

All the messages logged, including all types of texts, exchanged, and even deleted ones, can be seen with this app’s help.

Monitor Social Media Apps

These platforms are the breeding ground for many risks and scams that can affect users negatively. The Auto-Forward review found that the app can let you see all the conversations made on these platforms and other details.

Monitor WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a great utility these days. Keeping an eye on the activities like texting, data sharing, and calling happening on it can help you know vital information about the target.

Track Location

The app lets you track the children’s location with the GPS feature of the device and gives real-time updates for the same. You can also use this to find lost devices. Geo-fencing is not available, though.

Check the Multimedia Files

You can access the multimedia gallery of the target device and see all the images and videos stored in it, including the exchanged ones.

Track the Keystrokes

The app comes with the keylogger feature that records every keystroke that is made, and it can help you get extremely confidential data, too, like pins, passwords, OTPs, etc. You can also know what is being typed as it happens and prevents any mishap right there.

#4 – Installation Method

The algorithm to get the app working for you is very simple, and we are laying down the steps to do so in our Auto-Forward review.

  1. Visit the website of Auto-Forward.
  2. Hit the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
  3. Next, choose the right device that you wish to track.
  4. Choose from the plans available.
  5. Select the add-ons that you want to purchase, like any package or extra download.
  6. Enter the payment details and then proceed with downloading and installing the applications on the targeted device.
  7. Enter the license key to activate the app account.

You are ready to begin the monitoring. You will also be needed to enter the phone number that has to be tracked.

#5 – Pricing

You can get a license for this app by choosing any of the two subscription plans available that have different services set.

The best thing is that there is no massive plan structure to understand. You pay a one-time fee and can begin using the app right away.

  • Basic package– You can get this plan for $29.99, and it only includes the basic features. The other crucial and advanced features are skipped like keylogging, blocking, geo-fencing, message tracking, call blocking, call recording, etc.
  • Pro package– The price for this plan is $69.99, and you will gain access to every single feature of this app upon its purchase. It may seem pricey to you, but it’s completely worth the extensive monitoring you would be able to do with it.

#6 – Operational Ease

The app has a very easy-to-carry-out operation with a sleek user interface. The data generated by the app is presented in a very simple format that can be easily read and comprehended.

It includes all types of information, even private ones, like the apps installed, media files, and GPS tracking.

From the view of it in the Auto-Forward review, the site’s dashboard is simple, too, with neatly organized items. The item tiles show the different features of the app.

Each of the activated features like SMS, Skype, Facebook, and so on can be found on the dashboard with the respective identity tile.

The remaining features are available in the menu on the left part. This is on the control panel, and you can swipe left to right to get access to that menu. Now you can choose the feature that you want.

#7 – Problems

Even with the awesomeness of the app’s features, it doesn’t mean that it is free of problems. The Auto-Forward review found the claim of many users pointed toward the non-functionality of the software, and they also cited different reasons for this.

Reports have also been made about the app’s intrusive nature, the non-functioning of some of the features, and even the failure of the installation file in downloading the app. Even some of the iOS users reported that they needed to jailbreak into the device to run the app.

However, we also found out that there was no unanimity in these complaints. This can mean that all the problems faced by these users may be a result of the device or network problems from their end. The software has probably nothing to do with it.

Some of the users’ common grievances also included the intrusive nature of the app, as it kept sending notifications even after getting uninstalled from the phone or when the subscription ended.

This calls for the need to update the app’s installation method and make it more effective and user-friendly. The developers need to look into this and make the installation guide clearer.

#8 – More Reviews

Just like our Auto-Forward review, many other websites have also reviewed the app, and they had customer reviews too. We took cognizance of that, too, and included a better understanding of the app.


The Trustpilot website had a lot of reviews, but most of them were complaints from individuals. Assessing them collectively couldn’t make any common problem evident to us.

The issues of the software lapsing or no-refund were faced by many, though. Most of the other negative reviews didn’t mention any specific problem, so they cannot be used to assess the app.


Another website called Sitejabber has many negative reviews as well. People blatantly criticized the app without presenting any specific reason for it.

This hints at the fact that these people might have just not been able to run or test the app due to their mistakes.

Similar other negative reviews with specific problems mentioned looked more likely to have emanated from the device issues.

#9 – FAQs

We are now going to present some of the important questions that we’re frequently asked in the Auto-Forward review.

Q. Is there any free version of Auto-Forward?

A. The app isn’t for free, but the basic plan is the cheapest option available for you to purchase.

Q. Is there any trial period in the app?

A. Yes, you can use the 30-day trial version of this app to test the functionalities beforehand.

Q. Does the app require physical access to the target device?

A. For running the app on the target device, you need to have access to it once to install it.

Q. What is the place to find the Auto-Forward app for downloading?

A. The download link for this app is available on its official website.

#10 – A Quick Assessment

We have already detailed all the important features and functionalities of the app for you.

However, we would like to include a rapid recap of all the pros and cons of the app in this Auto-Forward review so that you can get the hang of the utility of the app if you are in a hurry.


  • Easy to operate
  • Compatible with all types of devices with the Android or iOS
  • Remote tracking of any device
  • Track even the deleted files
  • It can be operated on almost any device
  • No jailbreaking is required with an iOS device
  • Good and reliable customer assistance


  • Geo-fencing features are not available
  • No monitoring support for some of the IMs like BBM and Viber
  • Internet connection is mandatory for the operation
  • Remote configuration of the app is not possible

KidsGuard Pro – The Best Monitoring App and a Great Alternative to Auto-Forward

If the Auto-Forward review couldn’t convince you to use the app for your monitoring job, don’t think that you have no luck with that.

The hope remains as the tech world has seen the rise of many great monitoring applications that are giving tough competition to the oldies in the market.

One such app is the KidsGuard Pro which claims to be the one-stop solution for all your monitoring needs.

We checked the app in and out for the assessment, and guess what they say is true; the app truly does an amazing job of protecting everything important to you.

We also mean that the app will help you keep all the data and the people safe as it will let you monitor them whenever you want to stop any possible mishappening.

The software comes with customized solutions to meet the demands of the different types of users. Be it families or companies, both of them can safeguard their precious possessions with the right services.

Different Versions of KidsGuard Pro

As we said, the application suits everyone’s needs, which is why it has launched four different solutions to cater to specific monitoring requirements.

1. KidsGuard Pro – Android

This app can easily let you monitor any Android device extensively with a set of more than 30 dedicated features. Some of its primary benefits are:

  • Fully undetectable with remote monitoring of the target device
  • No rooting of the target device required
  • Data protection guaranteed
  • Monitoring more than 30 files like the calls, texts, social media platforms, and all the other apps installed, etc
  • Simple and friendly UI for easy operation

2. KidsGuard Pro – WhatsApp

This application has been rated the number one app dedicated app that allows WhatsApp monitoring in such an easy way, just like the Auto-Forward review.

Such extensive monitoring of this social media platform is made possible with these features:

  • Monitor all the conversations, audio notes, calls, statuses, etc
  • Working in full stealth mode
  • Remote checking anytime from the online portal
  • Fully compatible with all Android devices and easy to operation

3. KidsGuard Pro – iOS

This is the version made for the iOS devices for the special technology that is needed to break the security system of Apple phones and tablets. It gives you the following benefits:

  • More than twenty features allow comprehensive monitoring of iOS devices like checking calls, texts, social media, etc
  • Fully safe operation without any jailbreaking
  • Easy installation and set up in just five minutes
  • Even gaining access to the deleted data

4. KidsGuard Pro – iCloud

Monitoring with the iCloud account can be the safest way to track the activities of the target user. It is also the easiest way as you don’t even need to install the app on the device.

Using this app has the following advantages:

  • Gain access to more things on the target iOS devices like gallery, contacts, calendar, etc
  • Real-time tracking of the GPS location
  • Check all the data stored with the iCloud drive
  • Easy access without any app installation or jailbreaking
  • No risk of tracking detection

Purposes Served by the KidsGuard Pro

The app helps everyone know what they want, and people use it for these main purposes, similar to the Auto-Forward review.

Monitoring the Kids

Parents prefer this app to keep an eye on their kids’ online footprint and see their surfing patterns so that they can save them from the potential harm of the dark web.

Tracking the Employees’ Activities

Companies find this app very useful in keeping track of all the activities of their employees on the systems that can directly impact the productivity of the business like low input, data leak, etc. It helps to boost the data security system of businesses.

Spying on the Partners

Many people get disturbed by their partners’ suspicious activities, and this app helps them get inside their partner’s phone and know what is going on.

This can have serious repercussions, too, like legal action but can prove useful when used rightly.

KidsGuard Pro

Final Words

So this was all for our Auto-Forward review, where we tried to put forward all the facts and analysis about the app to make your choice easier.

If it doesn’t work out for you, we suggest you try the KidsGuard Pro app with all the great features and comes with great pricing.



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