How to Bypass Activation Lock on Apple Watch With Ease

When you receive an Apple Watch, you have to bypass the Apple Watch Activation Lock. This means you will find that you need to complete the activation process of iCloud. This process does not take much of your time. However, in several cases, it could be an issue. This is just not with the Apple Watch, but all of the devices of Apple need you to fulfill this iCloud activation process.

In case you purchase iOS devices from others, this becomes very difficult to cope with. So, when you buy a pre-loved Apple Watch, you need to bypass Activation Lock on Apple Watch. Here, find out how to carry out this process.

Part 1: Points to Know About Apple Watch Activation Lock

Activation Lock is designed to keep your iOS device and your data secure if your Apple Watch is stolen or lost. However, if you erase the device without logging out of the iCloud account first, then it may still be secured by Activation Lock. If you buy a device from someone or erase your iOS device, you can disable Activation Lock by putting in the right Apple ID and password.

If you have bought a second-hand Apple Watch, ensure that the device is no longer linked to the iCloud account of the previous owner. In this case, you need to ask for help from the previous owner.

Here, we will cover some of the basic things you should know regarding the Apple Watch Activation Lock.

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a) Does the Free Removal Service for Apple Watch Activation Lock Work?

The answer is no. It is not a great choice to use a free unlocking service or software to remove the Apple Watch Activation Lock. If you use free services, your system may get infected, or you may get scammed. So, it is better not to trust the manufacturers of these services, no matter how trustworthy and convincing they seem.

Apart from the possibility of getting conned, even when you come across a free tool, and just in case it works, the user experience turns out to be pretty awful. As all of these tools work for free, they mostly rely on ads and sponsorships. Thus, you may notice that these sites are covered with ads, and for using some features, you need to watch video advertisements. So, the conclusion is not to use free services for unlocking the Apple Watch Activation Lock as they are not trustworthy.

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b) Pros & Cons of Bypass Service for Apple Watch Activation Lock (Paid)

Before we move onto the top bypass tools for Apple Watch Activation, have a view at the pros and cons of employing a paid bypass service.



Qualified professionals handle everything on your behalf. So, there is no danger of any accidental damage.Users will need to pay some fee for their iOS devices to get unlocked.
Based on your device’s network carrier, it will take about 24 hours to unlock Apple Watch Activation Lock.Several paid services are designed only to scam users.
With paid bypass services, you can permanently eradicate the Activation Lock of iCloud. 
It is much simpler to pay professionals than try to shot and damage your newly bought Apple Watch. 

Part 2: How to Evade Apple Watch Activation Lock with No Password

After reading about the benefits and drawbacks of using a paid service, here are some of the most effective and reliable removal services for Apple Watch bypass that users can employ.

a) AppleiPhoneUnlock Bypass Service

AppleiPhoneUnlock Bypass Service

The first application that users can employ is AppleiPhoneUnlock. It is an online solution that leaves the unlocking procedure of Apple Watch Activation to highly trained professionals. Using this fantastic site, users could remove the Activation Lock from all iOS devices – all models of iPhone, including iPhone 13/12/11/iPhone SE, iPods, iPads, and Apple Watch running on watchOS 2/3/4/5/6/7/8.

AppleiPhoneUnlock could bypass the Activation Lock on any serials of the Apple Watch. So, look at the steps you need to follow for removing this lock on your Apple Watch.

Steps to Bypass Activation Lock on Apple Watch using AppleiPhoneUnlock:

Follow the instructions below to use this unlock service for your watch easily.

Step 1: Firstly, users need to begin by visiting a browser and navigating to the unlocking page of AppleiPhoneUnlock.

Step 2: Now, put in the IMEI number of the Apple Watch. You will find this number on the watch’s case.

AppleiPhoneUnlock Bypass Service

Step 3: The software will detect the iOS model automatically based on the IMEI that you entered.

Step 4: Now, tap on the ‘Remove Activation Lock‘ tab and put in your payment details.

The Apple Watch Activation Lock would be removed from your locked watch within 24 hours if FastTrack is enabled. Now, users will be able to access all the iCloud features.

AppleiPhoneUnlock Bypass Service

AppleiPhoneUnlock is an amazing tool to unlock all iOS devices. This service is best for every iPhone model, along with iPods and iPads. With a nominal fee, users can remove the activation lock from their Apple Watch hassle-free.

b) IMEIUnlockSIM Bypass Service


If you are not happy with the previous software, you may like to employ IMEIUnlockSIM for resetting your Apple Watch if you do not have Apple ID. Just as AppleiPhoneUnlock, the IMEIUnlockSIM Activation Lock service is best for unlocking all iOS devices. Plus, this incredible service comes with some extra services. It is cheaper than the other tool.

This Apple Watch Activation removal service is just available for $18.95. With such a cheap tag, you get your Apple Watch unlocked effortlessly. However, it takes around 5-10 days to reset your watch using this service.

Steps to unlock Activation Lock on Apple Watch using IMEIUnlockSIM:

Using this easy and quick process, users can use this unlock service to remove the iCloud activation lock from their Apple watchOS.

1: In the first place, visit the iCloud removal page of IMEIUnlockSIM.

2: Next, you need to select the’ AppleWatch Any Model‘ option from the given options in the menu.


3: From the box beneath the menu, users have to type the IMEI number of their Apple Watch. As stated before, they can look for this number on their watch case.

4: Finally, they need to tap on ‘Unlock Now‘ and carry out the payment instructions that appear on the screen.

This just takes some minutes, and within some days, the Apple Watch Activation Lock will no longer be there. Then, you can readily use your Apple Watch. Apart from waiting for some days, there are various benefits to unlock your watch using a paid unlock service.

Part 3: How to Eliminate Apple Watch Activation Bypass with Password

Another method to unlock the Activation Lock on your Apple Watch is to do it manually. Users can do this manually with the help of the iCloud dashboard online. If they can access their iCloud account, they need to follow several steps to get rid of this annoying lock.

1: Initially, navigate to with a browser on your system. After this, sign in to your iCloud account.

2: Now, tap on the application ‘Settings‘ from the given menu.

Eliminate Apple Watch Activation Lock

3: From the header ‘My Devices,’ you need to find your Apple Watch.

4: Lastly, tap on the icon ‘X‘ and then confirm your action to remove the iCloud Activation Lock from your Apple Watch. For this, you just need to select the ‘Remove‘ option.

Eliminate Apple Watch Activation Lock

If you cannot afford to pay professionals or want to handle this matter on your matter, then this unlocking method is the best one to bypass the Activation Lock on Apple Watch. Surely, this method would not work if you own a second-hand Apple Watch and do not know the details of the iCloud account.

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Part 4: How to Examine Whether Apple Watch Activation Lock Is Turned On

Before you employ one of these professional services, you may have to examine whether the iCloud Activation Lock is enabled or not.

Steps to Check Apple Watch Activation Lock on iPhone:

  • 1: On your iOS device, find and click on the application ‘Apple Watch.’
  • 2: From the screen’s bottom, you need to click on the ‘My Watch‘ option.
  • 3: Click on the icon of your watch at the menu’s top.
  • 4: Now, press the ‘i‘ icon present on the screen’s right corner.
  • 5: Then, select ‘Find My Apple Watch,’ and this is going to launch ‘Find My iPhone.’ If your application could locate the Apple Watch, then the Apple Watch Activation Lock is enabled.
Check Apple Watch Activation Lock on iPhone

Steps to Check Apple Watch Activation Lock on iCloud:

Alternatively, if the iPhone is not nearby, then check the iCloud lock on

  • 1: Open a browser on your system and visit Next, sign in with your iCloud account that you have linked your Apple Watch with.
  • 2: Once signed in; you need to select the ‘Find My iPhone‘ option from the given menu.
  • 3: Tap on the menu at the page’s middle and choose the Apple Watch.
Check Apple Watch Activation Lock on iCloud

If your Apple Watch is named there on the drop-down menu, then this means that the Activation Lock is switched on. Both methods listed here will assist you in finding out whether Apple Watch Activation Lock is enabled or not.

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Final Thoughts

Now, you know how to get rid of the Apple Watch Activation Lock. You can now look for a suitable and reliable removal service to eliminate this lock from your watch. All the methods work perfectly well to bypass the lock. You can select one depending on your requirements. However, it is recommended not to go for free removal services. This is because it could be a scam, or your computer may get infected by viruses.

Users can opt for reliable paid services like AppleiPhoneUnlock or IMEIUnlockSIM. Both of these services work great to eliminate iCloud Activation Lock from iOS devices. If you know the iCloud password, then simply login and follow the bypass instructions stated above. This method is highly recommended. So, now, if you are locked out of Apple Watch, that is not an issue anymore! Bypass Apple Watch Activation Lock hassle-free!