All About Fitbit Alta HR Waterproof Issue You Should Know

What do you think? Is Fitbit Alta HR waterproof? Can you wear it underwater? The simplest answer is “NO“. It is not designed to be a waterproof device. However, it possesses water-resistant characteristics.

Since Fitbit Alta HR is water-resistant, it can tolerate wet weather conditions such as rain, sweat, moisture, rain, etc. Therefore, if you wear a Fitbit Alta HR device, we recommend removing it before getting into the shower. It is needless to mention that you cannot wear it when you swim.

If your Fitbit Alta HR device comes into contact with water or an excessive amount of sweat, remove it immediately. Then, you should make sure it is perfectly dry before getting it back on the wrist.

Fitbit Alta HR waterproof models are not existing. But…

It is true that Fitbit Alta HR is not really waterproof. But that doesn’t mean that it is a bad device. Although you don’t find Fitbit Alta HR waterproof devices, it is considered to be a very efficient activity tracker.

Just like with other Fitbit devices, you can use Fitbit Alta HR to track fitness activities. It will display burnt calories, a number of steps took sleeping habits and many other data types. In addition to that, you can use this device to challenge others for fitness activities.

Since Fitbit Alta HR is assisted with PurePulse Technology, it is capable of monitoring the heart rate continuously and precisely. This is a very handy value addition for those who need to keep track of their heart rate accurately.

This technology is implemented through green LED light. This light is located towards the back of the tracker. This LED light constantly flashes, and the light is directed to your skin. Through the reflection of the light, it can change the potential fluctuations in the blood flow. This specific data will be processed and utilized to monitor your heart rate. In fact, through this technology, you can monitor the most accurate heart rate. So, this technology works perfectly when the tracker is directly placed on the skin.

With the assistance of Alta HR, you can monitor the heart rate throughout the day without any issue. If you need to keep a close eye on your heart rate, this is a great device. On top of all those features, you will find this device to be a stylish and sleek product.

Well, is there a fitness tracker to wear while I swim?

Now you know the answer to the question “is Fitbit Alta HR waterproof?”, There are some waterproof models. These models are not just water-resistant, but they are waterproof. You should remember that some of the alternatives may lack some of the features featured in Fitbit Alta HR waterproof. For instance, some of these devices may not have PurePulse technology. In that case, you shouldn’t expect those devices to monitor your heart rate constantly. So, it is a matter of deciding between a waterproof watch or compromising some features over waterproof characteristics.

So, if your preference is a waterproof tracker over Fitbit Alta HR, you can consider the options mentioned below.

  • Fitbit Versa
  • Fitbit Flex 2
  • Fitbit Ionic

When it comes to a device like Fitbit Versa, it is specifically designed as a fitness smartwatch. This device is known for its impressive battery life as well. Upon a single charge, this device can constantly function over four days. This device comes with the ability to monitor your heart rate throughout the day without any issue. Also, it comes with a variety of other features, including coaching.

Flex 2 is more of a simple fitness band that comes with a sleek design. This device is pretty much unnoticeable on your wrists. You can use it underwater (when swimming). More importantly, this specific device can last long even when exposed to chlorine and saltwater.

The other fitness tracker on our list is Ionic, and this product comes with a variety of features. This product is associated with fitness guidance, health insights, music storage, etc. That is in addition to the continuous heart rate monitoring feature backed by PurePulse.

What are the other options you may opt to?

In fact, there are several other options to consider if water resistance is a compulsory feature for you. One of the best alternatives you can consider out of the other options is Waterfi. This company was founded back in 2010, and it is solely focused on electronic waterproofing accessories. They manufacture waterproof a large range of electronics in addition to waterproof fitness trackers.

In fact, Waterfi utilizes a special technology that is known to be PlatinumX Waterproofing. They have a really impressive, proprietary substance that can necessarily prevent water from entering the device. It works as a proper insulating substance that protects sensitive electronics within the device. In addition to water, PlatinumX is capable of protecting devices from salt, chlorine, etc.

Now, Waterfi applies this special technology to Fitbit trackers as well and makes them waterproof. That means, with Waterfi, you can make a “water-resistant” Fitbit tracker into a “waterproof” device. Devices like Alta HR, Blaze, and Charge 2 of the Fitbit range can now be converted to waterproof through PlatinumX. With this technology, you can take a Fitbit tracker into deep waters (as deep as 25 feet).

Because of this feature, you can really wear your fitness tracker throughout the day. No matter whether you hit the gym or go for a swim, this technology can protect your device. Let the fitness tracker be on your wrist even when you take a bath. Although it doesn’t track the number of lapses, it is still a cool thing to have your Fitbit always.

Despite all those benefits, this technology is associated with a single disadvantage as well. That means the device will lack the accuracy of its altimeter. That is because this technology seals the entire device, including the altimeter.

Is water resistance really matter to you, and are you willing to bear a higher cost? If so, this technology would be the best solution for you.

Those who don’t want to go for a third-party option will have to stick with the other option. That means they might have to go for a Fitbit that is specifically designed for underwater conditions.

Reasons to have a Fitbit tracker

Now, let’s see what the reasons for a person to have a Fitbit tracker are.

  • To encourage individuals to eat healthily.
  • To help individuals to lose weight.
  • And to help individuals to stay active and fit.
  • To help individuals to experience guided workouts and then enjoy the benefits associated with them
  • To encourage individuals to change their unhealthy life patterns
  • Also to help individuals to get an idea about the quality of their sleep
  • To maintain a healthier, active heart for many years
  • In general, to help live longer

Well, those are the good reasons for a person to own a Fitbit tracker. In fact, a Fitbit tracker is a superb gift for those who matter to you.

We hope that this article provided you with a clear answer to the question “Is Fitbit Alta HR waterproof“. So, you can consider whether to go with Waterfi or buy a specifically designed waterproof Fitbit device.



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