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4K to 1080P Converter

Looking for a way to convert 4K videos to 1080p? Well, there are many other individuals like you, and this article is dedicated to them.

In this article, we’ll reveal very useful 4K to 1080p converter tools along with easy steps to use them.

Understanding 4K videos

We all know that digital photography and videography have become so improved these days. When talking about image quality, in particular, things have advanced so significantly over time.

As of today, you can enjoy incredibly beautiful, lively videos because anyone can record in 4K resolution. With that said, 4K videos can be shot in many different file formats. MP4 and MKV are a couple of exceptionally popular video formats with 4K resolution.

In some cases, some 4K video formats tend to experience some errors. In that case, there are a couple of solutions to try. One of the main solutions is to convert 4K to 1080p. And, to achieve that, you need a good 4K to 1080p converter.

PS: let’s learn more about how to convert Movie 2K to 4K with ease.

4K Vs 1080p resolution

4K Vs 1080p resolution

As per the general acceptance, 4K is the next advanced format compared to 1080p. This format is often found in Blu-ray. Also, in supported displays, 4K resolution looks obviously better than 1080p.

In 4K videos, you get around four thousand pixels from left to right. That is exactly why it is abbreviated 4K resolution. The size of such a file, of course, is massive.

So, if you’ve videoed with 4K using an iPhone, your file will be in huge 4K HEVC format. It isn’t easy to share such files. The same applies to videos recorded on dashcams.

So, if you want these hi-resolution videos to be compatible on many devices, you can consider converting them. That means you can convert it to a more compatible file format. When you convert the video, you can reduce the resolution and change the settings.

As a result, you can share them with many other devices. Since older devices find it hard to play 4K videos, conversion is the best option. So, you can find a good 4K to 1080p converter and start converting the videos.

How to convert 4K videos to 1080p without struggling

One of the most practical ways to convert 4K to 1080p is using a professional application like Wondershare UniConverter. This was previously known as Wondershare Ultimate. This is a pretty versatile 4K to 1080p converter. Its features are not limited to converting 4K videos.

Instead, it can perform many other tasks related to videos. For instance, it can download a video from video-sharing sites and compress those videos.

Moreover, you can add text to a video and even add audio. Also, you can write them to discs directly. As a result, they can be played on a DVD or even a Blu-ray player.

Features of UniConverter

  • Easily convert 4K videos to different other resolutions like 1080p or any other value.
  • It is compatible with more than 1000 file formats, including AVI, MP4, and so on.
  • This converter converts 4K videos to various presets that are optimized for other devices.
  • Convert videos 30 times faster.
  • It can edit any video with all the essential features, such as adding subtitles, trimming, cropping, etc.
  • You can even add watermarks to videos using this tool.
  • You can customize videos and burn them directly to DVD/Blu-ray
  • Supports more than 10K sources that share videos
  • A highly versatile toolbox that lets you make GIFs, compress videos, add metadata, and so on.
  • One of the most reliable 4K to 1080p converter tools in the market.
  • If you wonder how to compress MP4 video, UniConverter can help too.

Steps to convert 4K to 1080p using UniConverter

Now that you know what UniConverter is. Let’s learn how to use it and convert 4K to 1080p.

  • First, you should obviously download Wondershare UniConverter. Then, you are supposed to install and launch it to see the home screen. Then, you should see the section called “Converter.” Click on that, so there are several ways to proceed from there. You can simply drag and drop the video into the main interface. If not, you can even use its tools to import a video from your local storage. Once the video is added and analyzed, you can see some basic details as well.
  • Now, go all the way down on the interface. Then, there will be a drop-down titled “Output Format”. Just click on that to proceed. Also, you can choose the output format. You may go with the most appealing format and proceed. Soon after choosing the desired format, it is possible to see the output size as well. That will help you to confirm the decision. 
Set Output Format to HD 1080p
  • Now, you can perform some further tweaks as well. For instance, you can change the quality, bitrate, and so on. Once that is decided, you can click on “Save” to continue.
change the quality, bitrate
  • That’s basically it. All you need now is to click on the button labeled “Start All” to proceed. You may wait for and the software will carry on the conversion. The time it takes might vary based on different aspects like the length, resolution, etc., of the video. Also, your computer’s performance will decide the time it takes.
UniConverter 4K to 1080P Converter

Wondershare UniConverter is a very impressive tool that will convert videos into different formats. One of the main significances associated with this tool is the impressive speed of its features. Thanks to the speedy file conversion, UniConverter lets you convert 4K to 1080p in no time.

How to convert 4K videos to 1080p online

If you want to convert 4K videos to 1080p online, there are some tools to do it. Those who don’t want to install an application but still want to convert videos can try these options. However, online 4K to 1080p converter tools are not as powerful as Wondershare UniConverter.

On the other hand, online tools are less stable. So, if you like to try an online tool knowing those limitations, you can consider this section favorably. is the tool you can use for this purpose.

How to convert 4K videos to 1080p online using

  • First, you should visit and click on the button labeled “Select Files.” That will let you upload the file you intend to convert. After that, you can upload the files that should be converted. 
  • Then, you should select a specific “Output Format.” Also, you can choose parameters like quality. At this point, you can choose 1080p as the value. In addition to that, you can define some advanced settings as well.
  • Now, you can start Converting files. Once you have defined everything, click on the option called “Start Converting.”
HDConvert online 4K to 1080P Converter

Upscaling a 1080p video file into a 4K file using Premiere Pro

Sometimes, you may want the opposite of converting 4K videos to 1080p. In that case, you will be converting a 1080p file to a 4K file. You will have to use a tool like Premiere Pro to get it done. The catch is that you should learn a bit to use it properly and effectively.

If you are interested, you may follow the below-mentioned guide.

  • First, you should open Premiere Pro. Then, opt for a new project. You can now go to File and choose New. Then, choose Sequence and choose a preset. In this case, you should choose a 4K HD preset since you need to upscale.
  • Now, you are supposed to set the frame size. Select “Edit” and choose “Preferences.” Then, go to “Media” and choose the option called “Default Media Scaling.” After that, choose “Set to frame size” and select “Scale to Frame Size” to proceed.
  • You can now import videos. You can drag the videos and drop them into the interface’s timeline. In fact, you can choose any format lower than 4K to upscale the 1080p file. Then, you can zoom in and check if there are any discrepancies you don’t want to have. Then, you can even increase the sharpness of the image.
  • Now, you can export the video. As the final step, you can go to the sequence and check the edited footage. You can then export the video in any preferred format.
Adobe Premiere Pro

More features to enhance videos

It is true that many individuals prefer to add some enhancements to their videos. That said, only a few of them know how to handle video editing tasks.

Professional video editing programs are very complex to handle. Also, the majority of video editing applications are very expensive. But the good news is that there are some rare programs that come with ease of use & affordability.

Wondershare UniConverter is one of those unique tools. It is a very friendly tool, along with some great features. Also, it is supported for both Win & macOS.

Mentioned below are some of the extra features you can enjoy with UniConverter apart from converting.

● Cutting and trimming 4K videos

After loading the video to UniConverter, you can see a thumbnail. Then, there are three buttons, and the scissor represents unwanted cutting parts.

Cutting and trimming 4K videos

● Cropping

The 2nd button of the three is for cropping. It lets you make useful changes to the frames. Also, it lets you change the orientation of the video.


● Adding subs, watermarks, or other effects

The third button comprises some other options as well. For instance, it lets you add effects and give a more enhanced appearance on your videos. Also, you can find options to add watermarks, subtitles, etc. Moreover, it even allows you to add background music.

Adding subs, watermarks, or other effects

So, those are the 4K to 1080p converter tools you can use. If you have anything else to know on how to convert 4K videos to 1080p, please let us know. Good luck!


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