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4 Player Switch Games

4-player Switch games are an amazing way to bring best friends together and have a great time.

Thankfully, Nintendo Switch is loaded with plenty of games that can be played as a group of friends.

Those who wonder about the best 4-player Switch games can refer to this article and find awesome options.

Best 4-Player Switch Games 

Mentioned below is the list of the best 4-player Switch games you can play. We took various aspects into consideration in choosing games for this list.

So, go through our list and find the ideal game for you and your best buddies.

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01. Super Smash Bros

4 Player Switch Games - Super Smash Bros

Arguably, Super Smash Bros Ultimate can be rated in the top three Nintendo Switch games. This game is not limited to 4 players. Instead, it supports up to 8 players. Those who are not familiar with this game can go through the following paragraph and learn what it is.

In this game, there is a long list of Nintendo characters (there are 81 of them). All of those characters come with different abilities and powers to beat each other. If the damage is minimal, you can get knocked quicker.

One of the best things associated with this game is that both professionals and beginners can enjoy it. You can even put 4 noobs and allow them to battle using their most-loved Nintendo characters.

To be frank, Super Smash Bros is one of the best 4-player Switch games you can ever play.

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02. Rocket League

4 Player Switch Games - Rocket League

In fact, this game was first introduced for PS4 & PC about five years back (in 2015). Then, in 2018, it recorded the 50-million user milestone along with cross-platform compatibility as well. Let us explain the reason behind the popularity of this amazing game.

Basically, Rocket League is a Soccer game. Moreover, there are cars in the game to make it crazier and more exciting. When it comes to the Multiplayer version, it is a superb game.

This specific game can be played by up to 08 individuals. You can even play it through a wireless network or online. Also, it works with systems such as PS4, PC, and Xbox One. This game is so addictive, and you can enjoy a great deal of fun with three of your friends.

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03. Super Bomberman R

4 Player Switch Games - Super Bomberman R

This can be rated as one of the most exciting 4 player Switch games for anyone. It is also rated as one of the latest games. As per the gameplay, the story revolves around the four players (you and your buddies). You will have to fight over an element that appears as a square grid.

The main idea of the game is to lay bombs everywhere and destroy those blocks. Then, you can pick power-ups as well to trap the opponent players. The game is named “Bomberman” because of the explosions you are supposed to do.

This game was released as a Switch game in 2017. To be frank, it doesn’t appear as a fully priced game that is similar to Breath of the Wild. Nevertheless, this game is very affordable, and it has undergone many improvements since its initial release.

If you are looking for the best 4-player Switch game, you should check this awesome game out.

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04. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

4 Player Switch Games - Mario Kart 9 Deluxe

In fact, Mario Kart 8 was initially released for Wii U. As you already know, that was not the most popular console. It released a new and improved game for Switch, and everyone started to like it. Basically, it can be considered one of the most impressive and addictive games you can enjoy with friends.

The edition called “Deluxe” comes with all the DLC for the original game, along with an advanced battle mode. In that case, you will have to fight with each other but not to race. You can race up to 4 individuals on a single console.

If you play with a wireless play, however, you can go up to 8 players. Also, it gives you the option of networking 12 Switch consoles. That will definitely make a very impressive Mario Kart LAN.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an exceptionally impressive, highly accessible game. It has options like auto-accelerate and steering as well. Also, it has easy maps that let you play even with younger kids or anyone who hasn’t played it. Basically, it is ideal even if you are a beginner.

If you’re looking for the best 4-player Switch games, just take a look at the Mario Kart 8.

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05. Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party

It goes without saying that Super Mario Party has become a Nintendo-loving game with the release of Nintendo 64. There is no shortage of entries to the names. Up to 4 local players can join this game with a split-screen feature too.

Also, you can compete in more than 80 minigames. You can take turns and explore the four mainboards that are available for players. Each of those boards is significantly different from the rest, and that makes it so interesting.

In addition, Super Mario Party comes with the addition of the Partner Party feature. Basically, it is a 2v2 mode game. Also, the team gameplay shows more strategic characteristics compared to the traditional model, which is free for all.

The online multiplayer game is a very basic platform, but when it comes to offline mode, it rocks! We can recommend it as one of the best 4-player Switch games for families and friends.

However, this game lacks the handheld mode or Pro Controller compatibility, and that’s so sad. However, this is a great game for families.

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06. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2

Can you imagine a very competitive cooking game? Does that sound boring? Well, you can play that game even with your grandma, and it is extremely fun than you think. This game can be played with 2 to 4 players. Moreover, the objective of this game is to cook food for clients who are very hungry.

With this game, you are supposed to do everything pertaining to the regular cooking you do. For instance, you will have to do chopping and fry. Also, you should put various ingredients to make food delicious. Then the finished plat will go to the counter.

This game also includes some teamwork as well. You can even pass the ingredients to the teammates if required. However, if you make a single mistake, that will impact heavily on your speed. Also, the kitchen itself moves, and you should be a real performer to win this game.

If you play this game with your family members, that will give you loads of fun. This is particularly true when you play it with the worst cooks in the family. Overcooked 2 is a perfect game for the Switch console, and there is no doubt about it.

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07. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch

It is true that Minecraft is the most popular game that is played on various consoles. This game requires you to play with characters that are pretty similar to Legos. Also, it works as a survival simulator. There is no shortage of improvements with this game so far.

It is possible to enjoy Minecraft on the same console thanks to the split-screen feature. It supports up to 4 players. If you play it in wireless mode, you can combine different consoles and support up to 8 players. In simplest terms, Minecraft is a cross-platform game that can be enjoyed on all consoles.

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08. Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces are known as a unique type of game. That is because it is the only Mario sports game designed for the Switch console. This game also offers a great balance and has some Mario elements.

Just like the Super Smash game, each and every character come with a unique play style. It also has some unique types of moves so you can attack the rackets of the opponent.

Mario Tennis Aces allow up to four players to play it. It has a local split-screen function. Moreover, it has a local as well as an online multiplayer option.

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09. Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

It is true that Diablo III is ideal if you play it as a solo game. However, if you play it with three more individuals, it becomes one of the best 4-player Switch games.

You can play it either with the local split-screen feature or the online multiplayer option. Basically, this can be rated as one of the best multiplayer RPG options designed for the Switch.

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10. New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U

In fact, this is a combination of two games. It includes New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. Both of those games are ideal for those who are looking for great excitement.

It offers more than 100 levels and supports up to 4 players. On top of that, you can have two new playable characters called Toadette and Nabbit. They make the game even easier if you are new to it.

With the main levels, there are several other stages you can play. Do you want the experience of superb Mario Sidescrollers on Mario? Well, this is one of the best games you can play, specifically if you are a new player.

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11. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

4 Player Switch Games - NBA 2K

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is one of the most successful titles related to NBA Jam. It is a 2v2 arcade basketball game. Also, the game has all the current NBA teams along with legends such as Michael Jordon.

It is possible to play with 4 players on the local co-op. The environment is set with a high-dunking arcade fan. It also has some super power-ups, so you can expect one of the most impressive basketball gameplays. If you are an NBA Jam fan, this would be your much-awaited game.

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12. Payday 2

4 Player Switch Games - Payday 2

This is a pretty different game title in which the player has to rob banks as a group. That group comprises four members.

However, every player requires to have a console and their own copy of the game. That is because it doesn’t offer any split-screen function. The online version of this game is pretty basic compared to the regular version of the same.

Nevertheless, if the players are located within the vicinity of each other, the game is so cool. You will also have to engage in some preparation with stealth function as well. Also, the players are supposed to share their plans, and that requires excellent communication.

When it comes to the Switch version of Payday 2, you will experience very bad visuals. The framerate is not good either. However, it comes with plenty of DLC content. You can pick and play regardless of the location.

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13. ARMS

4 Player Switch Games - ARMS

ARMS is a unique game based on fighter gameplay. It also has plenty of hidden depth. The graphics are colorful and beautiful. They offer a highly realistic gaming environment along with detailed characters. It also has some motion controls that work perfectly on Switch.

“ARMS” does not come with a single-player mode. However, it has an online multiplayer option which is awesome. Thankfully, this feature supports 4 players’ local split-screen feature. This is a great way to beat the family and friends and have a superb time together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the games that are listed above allow up to four players to play. However, in Payday2, the scenario is different (which is explained above). Nintendo consoles are designed to support up to 8 players.

Yes. Lego Ninjago Movie and Marvel Super Heroes 2 are Lego games that support up to 4 players.

Nope. You cannot do that. It supports only up to 4 players.

So, that’s all about 4-player Switch games. Do you have any other questions related to this matter? Please let us know.


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